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4.8 ( 8128 ratings )
Oyunlar Eğitim Eğitici Bulmaca
Geliştirici: tack

Brain Puzzle Game 2525

This is the best brain-training game!
“2525” is a very refreshing brain-training game.
Can you clear simple-looking but actually difficult over 90 stages?

◆You have to remember only one rule!
Bump Smile-face-ball to Sad-face-ball.
Sad-face-ball will be changed to smile-ball immediately!
You can enjoy this game if you remember only this rule.

◆Rule is very simple!
All you need to do to clear a stage is to change all Sad-face-balls to Smile-face-balls!
It’s very simple. Everyone can play this game.
But it might be difficult to clear all stages if you don’t have flexible thinking.

◆There are a lot of exciting gimmicks!
You might think this game is simple at first.
But many gimmicks will appear as the stages progresses!
Moving floors, rotation blocks, switch, and manipulate-gravity devices…!?
Rule is simple, but you will enjoy all of stages.

◆We recommend this game for these people!
Who wants to train brain.
Who likes puzzle game.
Who doesn’t play games usually.
Who doesn’t good at complex games.